The board takes the floor

Stibat Services can look back on an eventful and successful year. With a collection rate of 48.1 percent for portable batteries and accumulators, the statutory targets of our clients were again achieved in 2020. Bike dealers also know where to find us for the collection of bike batteries. “These are great results, considering the COVID-19 situation. A big compliment to the operational branch and the entire team.” Chairman Dick Zwaveling, treasurer Rob Lelieveld and secretary Iris Kieft look back on 2020.

2020 at a glance

“The first quarter of 2020 started promisingly,” says Rob. “And then the world was turned upside down, which meant Stibat Services also had to switch considerably.” Dick: “And that’s what we did. This year’s collection and recycling results are simply good. Many collection points were able to remain open, and the collection and processing of portable batteries and accumulators were again carried out in a safe, responsible and environmentally friendly manner. Transport to recyclers in neighbouring countries sometimes proved difficult to set up due to differences in national regulations. The team was able to resolve this well and responsibly. A job well done.”

Iris: “I also think we should be proud of the collaboration with our partners, and the atmosphere within the team: everyone has shown resilience and flexibility, which means we have also achieved great results in 2020.” Dick adds: “A big compliment is in order. Especially because European laws and regulations were in full development in 2020, with potentially major consequences for our clients and therefore also for us.”

“Our sustainable collection network is our strength, as is our knowledge and expertise”

New secretary

“She’s an absolute asset to us”, says Rob about Iris Kieft, the newest board member. Iris is a lawyer and partner at ENVIR Advocaten. With her specialist knowledge of climate change, producer responsibility, circularity and sustainable development, she’s a perfect match for Stibat Services. Dick: “Iris has been active as a secretary since 1 November 2020 and brings very valuable expertise. The collaboration has been going very well so far.”

Iris: “I’ve been dealing with these important themes and issues for a long time now. For me, it’s particularly fun and interesting to be able to contribute to those themes from within this organisation.”

New european laws and regulations

“In 2020, Europe started to draw up new regulations in the field of batteries and accumulators”, says Dick. “We still don’t know what the so-called ‘battery regulation’ will look like. We do know the European Commission is making a proposal to increase the collection rate to 65%. That will have an impact on our clients, on us and everyone within the battery chain.” Rob adds: “We’re facing a serious challenge, which we’ll implement together with our partners and clients. Iris’ knowledge and expertise are extra valuable in this regard.” Iris: “In 2020, on behalf of Stichting Batterijen, we started the preparations for renewing a new communication strategy to positively influence the return behaviour of consumers. In the coming years, we’ll know about the how, what and when.”

Responsible processing and recycling

“In 2020, it once again became clear that apart from collection, the processing and recycling of discarded batteries and accumulators must also be in order,” says Rob. “And despite the corona measures and some restrictions, we have again succeeded. We continue to research and invest in new opportunities and sustainable possibilities, of course within the current and new laws and regulations.”

Dick: “It is and continues to be a point of attention to set up the battery chain properly, safely and efficiently, to properly map out our processing capacity and bottlenecks and to respond in time to potential challenges. Our sustainable collection network is our strength, as is the knowledge and expertise within Stibat Services. We will be deploying these two pillars more widely in the coming years and making them even more efficient, in close consultation with our clients. I’m confident and look forward to it.”