Introduction Stibat Services

If a battery or accumulator is put on the Dutch market, its producers and importers have a legal obligation to take back and recycle ‘their’ batteries and accumulators. To meet this obligation, producers of portable and industrial batteries have been working together in Stichting Batterijen for 26 years now. Producers of bicycle batteries followed this example in 2015 and joined forces in Stichting EPAC. Stibat Services fulfils the statutory duties for both foundations when it comes to producer responsibility.

Efficient and safe

Stibat Services’ collection network now consists of more than 25,000 collection points. We collect returned batteries and accumulators by truck and take them to the sorting centre. This is done efficiently and safely. We provide information to end users (companies, institutions and consumers) so they all hand in as many discarded batteries and accumulators as possible. Because we take care of the collection, sorting and recycling in a responsible manner, participants of Stichting Batterijen and Stichting EPAC comply with European legislation and regulations in an environmentally friendly way.

Circular economy

Stibat Services offers services and solutions that contribute to the circular economy of batteries and accumulators. We prevent harmful substances from ending up in the soil, water and air. Instead, the materials are reused in the manufacture of, for example, tiles, gutters and bikes. This way, we contribute to the prevention of raw material scarcity.

The numbers tell the tale

Stibat Services believes in the credo ‘the numbers tell the tale’, in circularity and innovation. Based on these basic principles, we developed the Ecotest. This test maps out how environmentally friendly and efficient the various processes are. For example, our truck drivers are ADR-certified for the safe transport of hazardous substances and our trucks are equipped in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Stibat Services is also ISO 9001:2015-certified and we have comprehensive reporting procedures. Organisations that need advice or are looking for a reliable partner for the collection and recycling of batteries are invited to contact us.

Four compliance tasks

This annual report contains the results of the four most important tasks that Stibat Services performs for Stichting Batterijen and Stichting EPAC:

  • achieving the (statutory) collection rate
  • providing a nationwide collection network
  • achieving the statutory recycling efficiency
  • informing end users about the importance of separate collection

We also take care of the mandatory registration and reporting to the government on behalf of producers and importers. We state the weight of the batteries and accumulators they put on the Dutch market each year, as well as the weight of batteries and accumulators that have been collected.

Stichting ARN and Wecycle

Stibat Services also supports the participants of Auto Recycling Nederland (ARN) and Wecycle. At ARN, we offer our online notification system, myBatbase, enabling ARN participants to report their figures in the field of starter and drive accumulators. With Wecycle, we collect energy-saving light bulbs, small electrical appliances and ICT.


Stichting Batterijen

Stichting Batterijen offers a collective solution for producers and importers of portable and industrial batteries to fulfil their producer responsibility. On 31 December 2020, 1,168 producers of batteries and accumulators were affiliated with Stichting Batterijen through an accession agreement.

Stichting EPAC

EPAC stands for Electronically Power Assisted Cycles. Stichting EPAC offers a collective solution for producers and importers of electric bikes to meet their producer responsibility. On 31 December 2020, 93 producers of electric bikes were affiliated with Stichting EPAC through an accession agreement.